Community Brands helps schools use their time more effectively by providing simple, powerful software solutions.

We support all types of schools and multi-academy trusts in the UK, working closely with local authorities, app developers and other education partners. We also serve K12 schools in the US, as well as international schools and other school groups all over the world.

We’re united by our mission to support the education sector by reducing costs, offering staff more time to focus on their priorities, and working alongside leadership teams to achieve strategic goals.

Giving time back to schools

Our purpose has always been to give school staff more time. It’s not possible to create more hours in a day, but by leveraging our technology, we passionately believe that we can reduce the burden of admin processes on schools.

This allows staff to free up time and spend it directly helping learners achieve better outcomes. By allocating more time to communicating with families, identifying students’ needs and affecting real change within schools, staff are empowered to spend their time better with the help of our software and our team.


Why choose Community Brands?

We’ve strategically developed our portfolio of school solutions so that we can offer everything you need and more, all under one roof.

Not only is dealing with one supplier more efficient and cost effective for you, but you’ll also gain exclusive access to many benefits which are unique to Community Brands, including…

An incredible team with a high level of education expertise
A legacy spanning over 25 years of innovation
Partnership with Microsoft Open Education Analytics
Seamless integrations between our suite of solutions
Our vast network of partners who offer even more solutions

Got a question for us?

If you’re interested in finding out more about our software or you have a general question for our team, please don’t hesitate to reach out.