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Capture and analyse all behaviour data in one intuitive system, giving staff the information they need to confidently plan interventions and make changes for the better.

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Powerful behaviour management for schools

Support your pupils and staff with BehaviourWatch, a customisable framework for capturing behaviour incident data, gathering insights and turning those into positive outcomes.

BehaviourWatch enables teachers and school staff to reward positive behaviour and handle negative incidents in one system. It’s quick and efficient to capture all the necessary detail when incidents occur, without becoming an administrative burden for staff in time-sensitive situations. 

With powerful built-in reporting that reflects your school’s unique setup, the whole process of analysing data and planning interventions is made much easier. BehaviourWatch is designed to help schools make significant improvements across many areas of pupil behaviour.

Popular features

Behaviour over time

Monitor progress for any individual student, class or group, over any custom time period.

Behaviour by weather

See how weather affects behaviour incidents based on automatic MET Office data.

Behaviour Radar

See a visual overview of school behaviour by individual students to help find patterns.

“As Deputy Head of Care, a big headache was caused by missing information. Now I know of correspondence, detentions or physical interventions when they happen. BehaviourWatch has been worth every penny.”

Malcolm Mackenzie
West Kirby School and College, Lancashire

Advantages of using BehaviourWatch for schools

  • Start tracking easily, even with little or no existing data
  • Efficiently and accurately capture all incident information
  • Easily compile evidence to create intervention plans
  • Manage rewards for positive behaviour in the same system
  • Ensure consistency with detention and exclusions
  • Comply with OFSTED requirements for behaviour tracking
  • Improve communication with staff, parents and carers
  • Automate processes such as escalating repeat incidents

Compatible with all leading UK MIS

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