Stour Vale Academy Trust

We spoke to Jamie at Stour Vale Academy Trust about how his team uses Assembly Pro to get easier access to data they can rely on.

Please introduce your trust and what you’re all about.

“Stour Vale Academy Trust was founded in 2017, with the collaboration between three schools, two secondary and one primary, on the basis that together we would have much greater capacity to continuously improve.


Over time, Stour Vale has steadily grown, with both secondary and primary schools joining us; eight schools are currently members of our trust.


As a successful family of schools, delivering high-quality education for the communities we serve, Stour Vale values its diversity. Each school brings their own distinct character, community, history, and identity. We celebrate the uniqueness of member schools, recognising that there is a great deal to learn from education in different contexts.


This is also the reason why we remain outward-looking, committed to learning from research and excellent practice across the education system.”


8 schools in total

Founded in 2017

Located in the UK


Jamie Fox
Executive Leader & Headteacher


How did you handle data analytics prior to using Assembly, and what problems were you experiencing?

“Before using Assembly Pro, our analytics were relatively unsophisticated. Our central team would collect data from member schools using secure emails. This gave us a sound view of the key statistics but did not allow us to interrogate and manipulate the data.

Identifying data trends is almost impossible from emails or spreadsheets. The interactive visual dashboards in Assembly make things much easier.

How did you find Assembly and why did you choose it over other competitors?

“At the time, there were relatively few products that could provide the data analysis we required. We looked in detail at three providers, and following pitches from each and recommendations from another MAT, we decided on Assembly Pro.


We liked it because they had a track record of making it work in different MATS and it matched our requirements. We also liked it because of the seamless way it collected data from a range of Management Information Systems.”

Which one of our Assembly dashboards have you found most impactful so far?

“We found the Attendance Year-To-Date dashboard most impactful.

Attendance can be difficult to analyse without a starting point. Assembly’s dashboards help to highlight potential issues and drill down to individual pupil level, helping trusts identifty ways to offer support and tackle absenteeism proactively.

How have your school leaders found working with Assembly?

“Some have taken to it quickly and are using it to write governor reports others need a little more support. We are all learning it together at this point, but everyone sees its value.

What are the main benefits to your trust of using Assembly?

“The validity and reliability of the data collected, as well as reducing staff workload around collecting data. We also find it very useful to be able to filter and drill down into the information collected.”

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