Community Brands are pleased to announce our attendance and sponsorship of the International School Awards 2022 that will be held on January 18th.  

#ISAwards2022 Agenda 

The International School Awards celebrate learning, teaching, community, wellbeing, leadership and other strategic initiatives at international schools. They provide the opportunity for international schools to share best practice, creative endeavours, community participation, and innovation. The awards are hosted by ISC Research with the support of International School Leader Magazine. 

Over four days, from January 10th to January 13th, many speakers from different shortlisted international schools and sponsors will discuss various topics related to schools and learning. The selected speakers come from all around the world; they will share their initiatives and exchange ideas with other colleagues within the field. You will have a chance to interact with peers in community forums on the virtual event platform ahead of the live award ceremony, which will be held on January 18th.  

The awards categories include Community Building, Community Wellbeing, and Digital Technology in Learning. We are proud to be sponsoring the Ethical Values Education Award! 

A panel of independent judges select all shortlisted and winning schools. The diverse panel is made up of many experts in the education field from around the world. To mention a few, Dr Samia Al Farra, John Bastable, Judith Fabian, Mary van der Heijden. 

Community Brands UK will be representing Parentapps and Assembly. The two respective communications and analytics platforms will be presented to international schools and all other attendees to expand their network and help even more schools improve their engagement.  

Watch the awards ceremony here on January 18th