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Creative ways for schools to generate summer income

May 29th 2024

As the summer holidays approach, UK schools face the challenge of maintaining revenue streams during the six-week closure period. However, this downtime also presents a unique opportunity to leverage school facilities and resources in innovative ways. Here are several ideas to help schools generate income over the summer, with some practical ways WisePay’s features can support these initiatives.

1. Rent out school facilities

One of the most straightforward ways to generate income is by renting out school facilities. Many schools have valuable spaces such as sports halls, auditoriums, classrooms, and outdoor fields that can be utilised by the community. These spaces can be hired for various events like sports camps, drama workshops, yoga classes and many more. Don’t underestimate how many different local communities might be looking for the perfect space.

WisePay’s Smart-Booker module simplifies the process of renting out facilities. This tool allows schools to manage bookings, handle payments, and provide real-time availability information, making it easier for the community to book spaces.

2. Host summer camps and workshops

Organising summer camps or workshops can be great for both schools and families. Schools can offer a range of activities such as art and craft sessions, science camps, coding bootcamps, and sports clinics. These programmes not only generate revenue but also engage students and the local community in educational and recreational activities during the break.

3. Community classes and adult education

During the summer, schools can offer evening or weekend classes for adults. These might include foreign language courses, cooking classes, fitness training, or computer literacy workshops. Utilising school facilities for adult education can attract a different demographic and provide a steady income stream.

4. Host local events and markets

Schools can transform their halls or fields into venues for local events such as craft fairs, farmers’ markets, car boot sales, and community gatherings. These events can draw large crowds and provide a platform for local businesses and artisans, while also raising funds for the school.

WisePay can support event management by handling ticket sales (using the Event-Wise module) and vendor registrations online. This ensures an organised approach to managing attendees and vendors, enhancing the overall experience. Another great idea is to use the Donations module to provide a way for visitors to make online donations to support your school while they’re there!

5. Private event venue hire

The scenic grounds of many schools can be ideal for private events such as weddings, birthday parties, and reunions. Offering these spaces for hire can be a significant source of income, especially during the summer when such events are in high demand.

Using the Smart-Booker module, schools can efficiently manage bookings, ensuring that clients have access to the necessary facilities and services. The integrated payment system also simplifies the transaction process for both the school and the event organisers.

6. Offering parking spaces

In urban areas, parking can be a valuable commodity. Schools with ample parking spaces can rent them out during holidays, providing much-needed parking for local businesses, residents, or event attendees. WisePay’s Parking Payments module can facilitate the rental of parking spaces, allowing schools to manage availability and collect fees effortlessly.

Generating revenue during the summer holidays is not only feasible but can be highly beneficial for schools. By renting out facilities, hosting camps and classes, and organising community events, schools can ensure a steady income stream even when students are not in session.

WisePay’s comprehensive solutions, including the Smart-Booker module, streamline these processes, making it easier for schools to manage and monetise their resources effectively. Embracing these opportunities can help schools enhance their financial stability and continue to thrive year-round.

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