Get the most out of online engagement

February 9th 2023

Committing to using an online management tool in your school is not enough: you have to find out the ways to make it work most conveniently for your parents and guardians and for your staff. Your goal as an educational establishment should be to make your online platform as engaging as possible so that they become the primary source of contact your families can rely on. Let us help you to improve the way you use your tools so that you’re getting the most out of their value while keeping your families engaged and satisfied!

An updated school website

Your school website should be your headquarters, a meeting point to gather all useful information for your students and their families. However, it’s not just about quantity: as well as providing all useful links and details, it’s important for your website to be user-friendly and interactive, and to showcase your brand.

Your school website doesn’t just need to attract prospects, it’s also the best way to engage with your current families and provide all the information they need so that phone calls to your school can decrease. You can achieve this by providing a term calendar, a news/blog section, or a dedicated parent portal. Giving parents and guardians the chance to independently find what they’re looking for can strengthen your relationships with them as they know they can trust your school to be present in their children’s journey.

Consistent school communications

Strengthening engagement definitely sees communication at its core: to keep parents and guardians informed on their children’s school day, you need the best communication tools the market can offer.

It’s important to have options: you don’t always need a text message to get in touch. Emails can help you share a lot of information at once, such as in the form of a newsletter. Digital forms are the most convenient method to get consent and collect data from families. App notifications are great for sending quick reminders as they are less of a commitment. A parents’ evening booking system can help you organise one of the biggest events of the year in a stress-free way and lets it play out smoothly!

When you choose your school communications provider, evaluate the options it offers and how you can make it work for your school. At Community Brands, we have a range of school communications solutions: our team can help you choose the perfect one for you.

Reliable online payments

Relying on cash collection for your day-to-day school payments is outdated, and a school payments provider can help you let go of the time-consuming tasks that cash requires, such as manually counting it and taking it to the bank. Most importantly, parents and guardians don’t have to physically come to school or give their children the responsibility to deliver cash for a payment.

Giving parents and guardians the option to complete a payment from their own personal device not only makes the process a lot quicker, but also engages them more and makes them more aware of the financial aspect of their children’s school journey. At Community Brands, our school payments solutions are Level 1 PCI compliant, which guarantees your transactions are handled securely, and we offer accessible payment options, such as PayPoint, or Apple Pay and Google Pay.

All under one roof

What’s better than a school communications software? One that integrates with a school payments software. And even better than that, one that also provides school website design services. In a nutshell, Community Brands.

We offer the complete solution to help you up your online engagement game, all in one place. Make your school day easier by allowing us to revolutionise the way you interact with families and free up your staff members’ time. Enquire about our services today to discover the perfect package we can deliver for you!

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