How a complete package can improve engagement

February 3rd 2023

When examining parental engagement and evaluating the best solutions to adopt to improve it, choosing the best platform is a meticulous task that can determine the development of your relationships with parents and guardians. Therefore, it’s not just essential to choose the most convenient platform for your staff to manage, but also the one that offers a seamless experience for families.  

At Community Brands, our family of products include communications, payments, and school website design solutions, and the best part is that they all integrate with each other to offer the user a simplified admin experience, where everything is in one place. How can you take advantage of our interlinked solutions to maximise your opportunities for first-class parental engagement? 

Invest in an updated modern school website 

Think about your school website as your virtual headquarters, with its many components catering for everyone. A museum for your community, old and new. A trophy for your dedication and values. An interactive brochure for your prospects. A report card for Ofsted.  

Your school website is the heart of your school, benefitting your staff and your parents and guardians, to offer your pupils the best possible educational experience.  

Building a Parent Portal where families can access all information, calendars, and new announcements gives them a designated place to turn to instead of making phone calls to your office, therefore freeing time for your staff, and strengthening engagement.  

Integrated communications and payments platform 

As well as a service that specialises in school website design, our products are trusted in the country for taking care of your communication and payments needs. Depending on your school, your needs and number of students, we can match you with the perfect pair of products to help you manage your correspondence with parents and guardians and keep it organised and tidy.  

Our communications platforms aren’t just about text messages: we offer different communications methods for any occasion, such as emails, digital forms, and even parents’ evening systems. Their integration with our payments platforms means that you don’t need to jump from one system to another to collect information about a student, and also it’s easy to chase parents and guardians for missing payments.  

Ready to go 

Implementing this trinity of services should be your priority for your school in the new financial year; and having them all provided by the same group facilitates contracts and reduces costs. Find out more about the services we offer for schools at Community Brands and book a demo with our team.

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