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How automatic translation is breaking down language barriers in schools

June 10th 2024

Effective communication between schools and families is crucial. As schools become more diverse, it’s important to bridge language barriers to facilitate this. A messaging platform that automatically translates text messages into parents’ home languages — and translates their replies back — can make a big difference. Here’s how this seemingly simple feature can hugely benefit students, families, and school staff.

Boosting Student Wellbeing

When parents are informed and engaged, students thrive. Automatic translation ensures all parents and carers, regardless of language, get critical information. This includes updates on grades, attendance, behaviour, and events. With clear communication, parents can support their children better, which helps students feel more secure and confident.

Strengthening Family Engagement

Parental involvement is key to academic success. Messages in parents’ home languages increase their engagement, as they are more likely to read and respond to them. This leads to better parent-teacher interactions, more participation in school events, and helps families understand school expectations. Inclusive communication builds stronger school-family partnerships.

Streamlining School Operations

Effective communication with all parents and carers saves time and resources. Automated translation eliminates the need for manual translation, so schools can quickly send out important information to everyone. This is crucial during emergencies or sudden changes. Reducing communication delays helps schools run smoothly.

Creating a Welcoming School Culture

Inclusive communication fosters a welcoming culture, and ensuring all parents and carers understand school messages shows respect for all families. This can help improve the school’s reputation and attract diverse students. A positive culture benefits everyone, promoting respect and understanding.

Ensuring Accuracy in Communication

Language barriers can lead to misunderstandings. Automatic translation ensures messages are clear and accurate. This maintains trust between the school and families. When parents and carers trust the information, they are more likely to support the school and consistently reinforce the same messages to their children at home.

With the help of everyday time-saving features like automatic SMS translation in Groupcall, schools can ensure all families are included and informed. This creates a more supportive and cohesive educational environment, both at school and at home.

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