Connect your EdTech app to school data

Community Brands’ partners benefit from simple, secure data integrations and exposure to a broad network of education facilities.

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Easy school data integration

We partner with education technology developers to facilitate the two-way flow of data between MIS platforms and your app.

This data is transferred securely to support learning and the delivery of services into schools. From the school’s point of view, ease of setup and transparent control over data permissions are major advantages.

Our data solutions also include data aggregation services for local authorities and SSO (single sign-on) powered by MIS data for trusts.

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Data-driven analytics

We work with numerous partners and third-party applications with the goal of providing their data alongside schools’ core MIS data.

Our intelligent data solutions are designed for schools and trusts, providing easy-to-use data analytic tools.

These tools and partnerships allow for easier tracking of student progress and attainment, behaviour, attendance and more across trusts, which in turn means our partners can maximise the impact their software has on real outcomes in schools.

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Join our partner network

FFT Aspire provides accurate, real-time education data insights for schools, trusts and local authorities. Established in 2001, FFT is one of the UK’s largest school data specialists.

CPOMS ensures children, young people and adults are safe and supported in education environments, and is the market-leading software provider for safeguarding and wellbeing.

A resource that centralises the key elements of content, assessment, and data in one place. Described as the Netflix of education, GCSEPod provides expert-led education resources.

Medical Tracker is the UK’s leading cloud-based system to manage and keep track of the health, medical conditions and records of both students and staff.

Satchel One is an award-winning platform trusted by a third of secondary schools in the UK. It integrates with Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams to support students throughout their learning experience.

EduKey is a product by TES that provides a behaviour management platform to improve pupil behaviour, as well as data-rich seating plans to save teachers time.

Purple Mash by 2Simple helps you bring you curriculum to life by providing an award-winning platform that supports online learning for KS1 and KS2.

Combining artificial intelligence and the latest research in learning science, CENTURY provides an online teaching and learning platform, plus powerful intervention data for teachers.

Pebble is group of integrated income management applications to consolidate financial information and ensure regulatory compliance.

Pupil Progress is a platform that makes it easy to plan lessons, track and monitor progress, and help teachers control their data.

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Why partner with us?

You’ll have access to our other EdTech products to use through your own, including comms, payments and much more.

We’ll support you to help grow your current school base and connect your technology to more users.

In Scotland, you’ll be able to reach all SEEMiS schools thanks to our exclusive partnership and integration.

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To find out more about becoming a partner to expand the reach of your EdTech business, get in touch directly with our friendly team using the link below.