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Community Brands supports local authorities in many areas, with scalable solutions around identity management, data analytics, parental communications, payments and more.

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Why local authorities choose us 

We’ve been working with local authorities for over 20 years, providing automated data solutions that support third-party data provisioning and central data collections, with support for all major UK MIS platforms.

Powerful Integrations

Our data integration tools allow local authorities to seamlessly connect to and sync MIS data to third-party applications. Automated school data collection means accurate information is always available immediately when you need it.

Straightforward Reporting

Our data integration and aggregation platforms come with built-in reporting functionality designed for local authorities. This means you can easily get up-to-date, meaningful insights which help inform your decisions and drive progress.

Flexible Solutions

Our versatile range of systems can be customised and implemented in a way that works for your local authority. Everything we do is focused on making your processes easier and more efficient, empowering you to achieve more.

Complete Package

Not only do our local authority software tools connect to all market-leading MIS platforms and dozens of trusted partners, but they also integrate directly with our full package of school solutions, which you can implement easily with our support.

Benefits for schools & MATs

Schools are free to independently use our self-help channels or get in touch directly with our support teams

One size does not fit all – our versatile systems can be moulded for your local authority to meet your requirements

Both admin time and costs are significantly reduced for your local authority to focus on other priorities

Our platforms facilitate your processes by offering reporting insights that will save you time

Secure identity management

The increase of schools adopting services like O365, Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom has subsequently increased the need to manage the user data and provisioning services.

Our identity management service is designed specifically for education; its goal is to remove time-consuming manual administration tasks by provisioning services like O365 & Google.

It offers a secure single sign-on service, based on the information stored in the school’s MIS, which enables staff and students to log in just once to access multiple platforms.

School & MAT analytics

Our intelligent data solution provides schools and MATs with intuitive Power BI data analytics dashboards, specifically designed to support a trust’s data strategy and education improvement plans.

The system can support the trust by tracking student progress and attainment, behaviour, and attendance, as well as providing a framework to support wider safeguarding and intervention strategies.

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Messaging and engagement

Our communications package is proven to increase attendance, reduce admin time, cut costs and transform parental engagement by allowing schools to send personalised texts, emails, voice calls, and push messages to parents, staff, and key contacts.

It helps staff to organise your parents’ evenings seamlessly and provides intuitive online forms to collect data and student information.

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School payments

Our leading cashless school payments solutions have been designed to make every transaction easier for schools, trusts, and parents. This in turn makes integration and reporting easier for local authorities.

Our software packages provide a cashless service for parents and guardians when paying for trips, uniforms, lunches, clubs, and other core transactional services.

Apple Pay, Google Pay and even cash via PayPoint are available payment options to make the process even easier for families.

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