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Bringing Community Brands solutions into your school helps you improve your engagement with families, simplify your processes and spend more time focusing on what really matters.

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Schools we work with


Nurseries use our communications platforms to keep in touch with families and publish key information, as well as our simple payment software and website design services.

Primary Schools

Primary school staff particularly love the simplicity of our communications and payments software, which makes it easy for schools and families to stay connected and work together.

Secondary Schools

At secondary school level, there are even more solutions we can offer. These range from data analytics to custom-built mobile apps for parents and school website design.


Colleges can benefit from a full package of customisable software solutions including communication, engagement, payments, data analytics and much more.

Independent Schools

We offer several solutions which are perfect for independent schools who may be looking for more flexibility, ranging from customisable payments portals to bespoke website design.

International Schools

Community Brands UK also serves a growing number of international schools, school groups, associations and other types of schools based in many countries around the world.

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School Communications

Connectivity is fundamental in facilitating an effective learning relationship within the school environment.

Unlocking transparent communication is simply the key to building a resilient community where both students and teachers can feel confident, comfortable and accomplished.

We believe that digital communication should be effortless and habitual, empowering teachers with the tools to spend their time optimally.

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School Payments

With cashless payments powered by Community Brands, families can make all kinds of school payments online with no hassle.

Our solutions enable schools of any size to evolve, including built-in school management features and revenue-building tools.

Our mission is simply to remove barriers and give school staff more time to focus on education rather than admin.

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School Websites

Your school website gives families of prospective students the first impression of your school as a whole. This is one of the best ways to attract new visitors, as well as reducing calls to your school by providing information families may be looking for.

Giving your website a clear identity helps you portray all the great aspects of your school, from your culture to your curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

Our team creates school websites tailored to your school’s branding and specific needs, working closely with you to deliver exactly what you’re looking for. 

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School Analytics

Our award-winning Assembly platform was built to make school data analytics easier to manage for everyone involved. We allow you to spend less time manually managing data and more time acting on it.

Our innovative dashboards support the needs of staff and leaders by centralising and reporting on pertinent organisational and third-party data, bringing it all together and visualising it in one central place.

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