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School resources for exam season

April 6th 2023

Exam season is approaching, and so is the pressure that comes with it. As a school, it’s important that you offer your students and families the appropriate support and point them towards the resources they might need to revise and prepare. Dedicating a section of your school website to your upcoming exams is a great way to engage families whilst providing the support they need. We’ve compiled a list of resources that might help your students. 

Publish your exam timetables

Start with the basics: the exam timetable is information you need everyone to know, and what parents and guardians are most likely to ring your school office to enquire about. By providing a clear timetable on your website, including the date, time, and location for each subject and year, students and families have a designated place to go that they can visit multiple times, and calls to your office will hopefully decrease.  

Top tip: send your parents and guardians a text message or an email and provide a link to your website where they can find the timetable. With our communications solutions, you’re able to send one text message or email to an entire group of parents and guardians at once.  

Promote revision sessions 

Similarly to the exam timetable, a useful resource to provide is the schedule for your school’s revision sessions. If you’re planning any sessions after school, we’d suggest using your school website to publish your schedule, including the date and time, subject, and room where it will be held. You can even choose to add a pop up on your website, so that every time someone visits your website they will see a window on a corner of the screen as a reminder to check your schedule.  

Provide resources for dealing with exam stress 

It’s very important to consider your students’ mental health, as exams can be an incredibly stressful time. There are many resources online that can offer students advice on how to deal with exam anxiety, such as on BBC Bitesize or on the Government website, and providing your students with these links could make a difference in the way they approach this experience.  

Create your own revision hub 

Adding a revision hub to your school website can give both teachers and students a handy shortcut to high quality revision materials online. Here are some of the most popular revision resources you might want to link to: 

  • BBC Bitesize – exercises for all exams, all ages, and year groups 
  • SATs Papers Guide – free papers and questions with answers for every SAT subject 
  • Revision Maths – resources and informative videos for both GCSE and A-Level Maths 
  • Quizlet – flash cards, quizzes, and games for all GCSE subjects 
  • Seneca – extensive resources for all exams, ages, and year groups 
  • Get Revising – great tool to find past papers and even create your own study plan for GCSEs and A-Levels 
  • White Rose Maths – Maths tool for schools and parents  
  • Oak Academy – full free curriculum for schools and parents 
  • Scratch – free learning program with games for children 
  • Kleli – free ‘Photoshop’ tool for children 
  • The Student Room – along with revision materials, The Student Room provides forums, blogs, and all kinds of guidance for exams or applying to Higher Education 

Additionally, you can get your teachers to add their own tips and documents, such as revision guides or lesson notes. 

Good luck!  

If you need extra help with making these changes on your school website, our web support team are always on hand to assist. Making your school website a go-to resource for your students and parents is essential to build trust and strengthen relationships. And if you wish to give your existing website a makeover, speak to our website design team for a free consultation

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