Find out how Community Brands can help your school, trust or organisation with communications, payments, analytics, data integration, website design and more.

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School Communications

Providing parents and guardians with a connection to teachers and school staff is essential to facilitate engagement and school relationships.

The transparent communication between teachers and parents helps your school build a community where both students and staff can feel confident, comfortable, and accomplished.

At Community Brands, we want to make digital communication effortless and habitual, empowering teachers with the tools to spend their time optimally.

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School Payments

Thanks to modern technology offering cashless options, schools have been letting go of physical cash handling, which was already inefficient and created unnecessary security risks.

Making payments online allows parents and guardians to be timelier and more engaged, as they can do so by using their computers and smartphones.

Our built-in school management features and revenue-building tools help schools evolve and discover their full potential, whilst giving school staff additional time to focus on what matters!

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School Websites

Your school website gives prospects the first impression of your school as a whole. Community Brands offers a bespoke school website design service, in which our team works closely with you to discover your vision and create a website true to your school’s branding and specific needs.

Your school website should help attract new visitors, as well as reducing calls to your school by providing important information and resources for parents and guardians. It should also stand out by including your personal touch, to show off your uniqueness and what makes you proud.

Our team can provide all that and more thanks to our years of experience working with schools on their websites.

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Education Analytics

Our award-winning school data analytics solution Assembly is designed to help you make a real impact with your data, by bringing it together and reducing time spent entering and managing it.

The platform provides innovative user-friendly dashboards which centralise data to support the needs of staff and leaders.

In addition to the powerful customisation available in Assembly, our expert analytics team can work with you to develop unique solutions based on whatever data challenges you’re facing.

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Data Solutions

Our range of data solutions help to seamlessly and securely transfer school data to partners, local authorities and more.

We’re focused on giving partners and stakeholders access to the data they need, which in turn empowers them to support learning outcomes and deliver services to schools.

This includes Xporter, which aids both schools and our education technology partners by connecting MIS data to third-party apps, as well as SSO and data aggregation tools.

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