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Our communications and engagement tools are one of the main ways we help schools engage with families and streamline processes.

With a great range of user-friendly features, you have the freedom to expand the ways you communicate with families and help your students succeed in new and creative ways.

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Engage with your community

A great communications system should provide a link between schools and families, which helps them become more involved in their child’s school path.

Our communication tools have been designed with the help of experienced educators and feedback from families. All our platforms are optimised for saving school staff time, reducing costs, cutting down on paper wastage and streamlining admin processes.

Our communications solutions

Teachers2Parents is a complete communications and engagement solution that provides text and email services, virtual parents’ evenings, data collection and more. The optional modules give you great flexibility.

Parentapps is your one-stop-shop for parental engagement, helping school staff save time and reduce costs. Our app is accessible and versatile, with many features to keep families in the loop with their child’s education.

Groupcall is our most comprehensive comms platform, helping you manage all your channels in one place and maximise your reach. Groupcall offers everything you need to support your school engagement strategy.


Simple communication across all channels

Teachers2Parents is one of the easiest and most user-friendly communications platform in the UK market.

Parent engagement doesn’t feel like a chore with Teachers2Parents, thanks to its reliability and our supportive team, your school will be up to speed in a matter of hours.


Easy-to-use, engaging school apps

With Parentapps, you can easily engage with your school community with unlimited free messages, organise parents’ evening (in person or virtually) and share behaviour reports.

Parents and families can make online payments and bookings for school clubs and meals. Our interactive app also integrates seamlessly with your school MIS, which makes it super easy to get you all set up!


Complete school communications

Groupcall makes it easy for schools to keep in touch with families through any channel you choose, all within one easy-to-use dashboard.

Personalised SMS messages, emails, voice calling, push notifications directly to users via mobile app are all available channels for you to get your message through to key contacts, plus they can reply back to school staff, giving you a complete log of communications.

Compatible with all leading UK MIS

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