School Payments

Our mission is to help free school staff members from the hassle of managing school payment processes, including keeping large amounts of cash in school, making frequent trips to the bank and other time-consuming admin tasks.

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Simple, secure school transactions

Our cashless school services help parents and guardians complete payments anywhere, at any time, whether for school meals, clubs, trips, or any other core transactional service.

Our intuitive apps make the process easy and speedy, while our software also provides reporting facilities for simple financial reconciliation.

Our payments solutions

SchoolMoney enables parents and guardians to easily pay for school dinners, trips, and uniforms at the touch of a button while teachers can avoid loose change, crumpled permission slips, and headaches!

WisePay has an essential role when it comes to the growth of organisations, as it helps them reach their full potential. School payments are made easy and taken to the next level thanks to our smart software solutions.


Simple, user-friendly school payments

The modern, reliable solution for schools and Multi-Academy Trusts to let go of cash and manage payments made by parents and guardians.

Families can complete payments through the app, website, or their local PayPoint, which enables parents to pay with cash while still keeping your school cashless.

SchoolMoney gives you the chance to manage club sign-ups, check kitchen resources and stock, and carry out instalment payments.

Cashless Catering

This module is intuitive, customisable and reduces food wastage, but most importantly it saves you time. By giving families the option to pre-book meals and pre-pay for them, kitchen staff know the exact quantities they need in advance.

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School Club Management

Allow parents and guardians to pre-book and pre-pay for school clubs, which facilitates managing capacity and collecting arrears for your staff. Generate smart, detailed reports to document all club bookings and payments.

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School Shop

A School Shop is a great way to engage with families by offering essential resources and to generate extra school income. You can get creative, and sell anything you wish from stationery to event tickets, limiting quantities and creating more than one field for different costs.

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Allow families to top up their child’s account using cash or card from supermarkets, post offices, petrol stations and corner shops. The PayPoint add-on makes your school payments accessible to those who may not have access to online banking while keeping your school cashless. 

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Powerful school payment management

WisePay provides a fully integrated, centrally managed online platform to manage payments and help generate school income.

The WisePay platform is highly customisable and comes with a comprehensive set of advanced features, making it ideally suited to independent schools with very specific requirements.

WisePay enables organisations to run online payments and bookings, trips and visits, catering services, sports and facilities lettings, and communicate with users, all through one centralised system.

School Clubs

Easy management and organisation of your extra curricular offerings are a must. WisePay enables you to stay in control with a custom-made booking and payment service for before and after school clubs.

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School Shop

WisePay’s bespoke online shop service is used as a place where ad hoc items can be sold within a school shop facility. This also serves as a great inventory management tool, as you can easily see when items are running low in stock.

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School Events

Run school events professionally by selling tickets and allocating seats with EventWise, our events module within WisePay. Anyone can purchase a ticket with your custom link and our waiting list feature means nobody is left out.

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Smart Booker

Generate extra income for your organisation by renting out your facilities to the wider community when you’re not using them. WisePay’s Smart Booker automatically generates invoices with multiple payment options available.

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