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Top tips to give your Leavers the best send-off

April 20th 2023

It’s nearly that time of year when schools get ready to say goodbye to the class of 2023 and celebrate all they have achieved since their first day. To give your leavers the best send-off and leave them a beautiful memory of the time spent at your school, we’ve put together a list of ideas for you to consider before the academic year is over.  

School Trip 

One of the main highlights of the school year, school trips can be a lot of fun for your students, even though they take a lot of planning and admin work in the background to make it possible. What if there was an easier way? Messenger Payments lets your staff collect transactions online, which keeps your school cashless and gives parents and guardians a quicker, more convenient way to make payments to your school. The Payments side integrates with the Groupcall Messenger you know and love, so school trip management is easier than it’s ever been. Let’s see what steps you need to take to plan one! 

First, you should send out a Form to parents and guardians for them to register their interest on the trip, which helps you figure out rough figures for booking accommodation, transportation, and meals. Once you’ve finalised the details, use Messenger Payments and send a payment to families, with all the key information: destination, itinerary, dates, and price. This way, the payments will automatically come through to your system once completed, and you’ll be able to generate reports for easy financial reconciliation.  


Memorabilia is a great way to offer your students something to remember your school by, and at the same time, generate income from it. Whether it’s the classic hoodie, or a yearbook, or even something simple like mugs… Be creative. You can use Messenger Payments’ school shop feature to handle your merchandise sales and collect the payments.  

School Prom or Disco 

To wrap up the school year, there’s no better idea than to dance the night away. Collecting the funds for your school prom or end of year event can be confusing and time-consuming, especially when using cash. However, Messenger Payments makes it easy to sell tickets and collect payment for any event you’re hosting. Let your online payments platform do the heavy lifting and just enjoy a night of fun. 

Before you go  

We hope your Leavers have a blast in the last few months at your school. Don’t forget to check out Messenger Payments to facilitate some of your admin processes, so you can enjoy these times with your students. Book a demo if you’d like to see the product in action.  

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