Why MIS bundles can disrupt your school’s flow and increase costs 

June 27th 2024

What school communications platform offers true value?

When considering a switch to a new Management Information System (MIS) and adopting its bundled communication product, it’s important to look beyond the initial appeal and ask some critical questions: 

  • Does it fit your needs and overall school communication strategy? 
  • Will the lengthy implementation process be a headache you don’t want? 
  • Will the disruption of switching add time, instead of saving it? 
  • Will it provide effective parental engagement? 
  • Does it offer more benefits than your existing communications platform? 
  • Do add-on costs mean you will spend more, not less, on school communications? 
  • Does it include reliable, unlimited customer support that is completely free of charge? 

Our experience tells us that on average, changing your communications platform adds the equivalent of over 60 hours of an administrator’s time that’s over a week lost to switching products! 

Why Choose a Specialist School Communications Solution? 

A bundled communications product might not always deliver the value you expect; an add-on solution is more likely to only offer basic functions as opposed to the in-depth personalised experience a specialist product would provide. Here’s why a solution designed specifically to cover all school comms needs, such as Teachers2Parents, stands out: 

  • Easy, Intuitive Navigation: We have recently made some changes to our interface to make it look more modern and easier to use. Its new look makes it even easier for staff to complete tasks in even less time. 
  • Email & Text Scheduling: Plan ahead by setting times to send emails and text messages, ensuring your communications reach parents and carers at the right moment. 
  • Reusable Templates: Save time with text and email templates, reducing the effort spent editing or writing from scratch. 
  • Streamlined Message Feeds: Enjoy a 2-way messaging feature with an easy-to-use conversation pane, keeping parent responses in one place and easy to manage. 

Why Disruption Isn’t Worth It 

Switching to a comms solution as a bundle with your new MIS seems like a good idea at first glance, but the potential for disruption, hidden costs, and the loss of valuable time often outweigh the benefits. A specialist school comms solution is tailored to meet your school’s specific needs, ensuring seamless integration and effective parental engagement without the hassle. 

Experience the Difference 

Don’t let the promise of a bundled package mislead you. Opt for a communications solution that truly understands and meets your school’s needs with precision and efficiency. 

By choosing a specialist communication platform, you ensure that your school’s communication needs are met with precision and efficiency. Make the switch to Teachers2Parents today and experience the difference. 

Book a demo to learn more about the new Teachers2Parents platform and how it can enhance your school’s communication strategy. 

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