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Migrating your MIS data with Xporter

February 12th 2024

Community Brands helps schools use their time more effectively by providing simple, powerful software solutions.

We help vendors all across the EdTech landscape, and have no preference on solution, as only a school will know what they need and how it fits into their school systems.

We are MIS agnostic, providing support to over 24,000 schools with MIS data integration, and we can support your school in switching MIS by migrating your MIS data in a few easy steps.

We integrate with all leading UK MIS and can migrate MIS data through the use of Xporter. We can back up your school MIS data as standard, ensuring a safe and reliable method of migrating your school data.

If you’re thinking about switching MIS, our friendly team will be happy to help make the process easy and simple with Xporter data migration. For more guidance, please see this support article.

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