Family-focused school software solutions

Our mission is to help families, teachers, school staff and other partners work seamlessly together to help provide the best possible outcomes for students.

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How we help schools and families

We understand that parents, guardians and family members have high expectations for their children’s schools. That’s why we’re dedicated to giving more people access to family-focused EdTech solutions, which help to create a fantastic school experience for children.

Community Brands can help you and your school improve…

Simple communication and engagement

We help schools get key messages to you quickly and easily, but that’s not all. Two-way communication via mobile app or online portal helps ensure you and your school are always kept in the loop.

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Convenient, cashless school payments

We know parents and guardians are always busy and have a lot to think about! Making online payments easier for school meals, trips and clubs is just one of the ways we can help relieve the pressure.

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School websites built with parents in mind

It can be frustrating for families when a school’s website isn’t quite what it should be. We can help transform their online presence into a central hub of useful tools and information for parents.

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Looking for support from your school?

If your child’s school already uses one or more of our products and you have a question or need technical support, we highly recommend talking to your school as a first point of contact.

They’re more likely to be able to answer any specific questions you may have.

Become a champion for your child’s school

If you think your child’s school might benefit from working with us, we’d be very happy for you to put in a good word for us!

Click below to access our free Parent Promoter Pack, which is full of great resources to help introduce schools to all the benefits we can unlock for them.

Engaging with the community

Our products are designed for schools and trusts, but without input from parents and families, they wouldn’t be fit for purpose.

We actively engage with our customers and end users to listen to their feedback, which in turn allows us to design our school communications, engagement and payments systems to meet everyone’s needs successfully.

If you have any feedback about our products, we encourage you to get in touch with your school to discuss any ways they can help. You can also keep an eye on our individual product websites, where we regularly run user feedback surveys so we can hear from your directly.