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We work with multi-academy trusts, local authorities and EdTech partners to simplify data management. This makes it easier for schools to get the most out of the technology available to them.

Our enterprise-level data solutions are designed to streamline the flow of information between MIS platforms and third-party apps.

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Xporter for partners

Connecting school data to partner apps

Xporter securely syncs schools’ data between their MIS and third-party apps. When you become an Xporter partner, you can benefit from the same integration already trusted by over 18,000 schools in the UK.

We integrate with all major MIS platforms in the UK, making it quick and easy for schools to start using your app without the hassle of manually exporting and importing data.

Schools can also control exactly how much data each third-party app has access to. Since only essential information is shared, schools have much better control over their data security.

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How do schools use Xporter?

Step 1: App Authorisation

The school agrees to let a third-party app access specific data from their Management Information System (MIS).

Step 2: MIS Connection

Xporter extracts only the necessary data from the MIS. The transfer is secure and all sensitive data is encrypted.

Step 3: Integrate Data

Xporter provides the data to the third-party app, enabling the school to use the app without manual data imports.

Step 4: Manage Apps

Schools can easily manage their authorised apps, change permissions or authorise more at any time.

Integrated with leading MIS platforms

Why partner with us?

You’ll have access to our other EdTech products to use through your own, including comms, payments and much more.

We’ll support you to help grow your current school base and connect your technology to more users.

In Scotland, you’ll be able to reach all SEEMiS schools thanks to our exclusive partnership and integration.

How does Xporter benefit schools?

Full control over data

With Xporter, you are always in full control of which apps have access to your school’s data, and exactly what data is available to each of those third parties.

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Hassle-free syncing

Xporter allows you to go about your daily activities without worrying about manually updating the data, saving time for schools and other parties.

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Trusted protection

Our comprehensive processes and customisable permission controls give schools peace of mind that their data will always be transferred and stored securely.

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Xporter XVault

Centralised school data for local authorities

XVault provides automated school data collection services to local authorities across the country. Our platform is a central database aggregation tool that enables teams to frequently transfer data between schools and local authorities.

XVault provides timely and accurate reports for LA teams, as the system is updated daily. We are partnered with the main central local authority systems, such as Liquidlogic EYES & LCS, Capita One, Serverlec Synergy, and CACI Impulse.

Key benefits of Xporter XVault

Automate your data

Xporter XVault saves you a huge amount of time when collating data from multiple sources. No more email requests — everything you need is ready and waiting for you.

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Scalable reporting

Automatically getting the data you need on a regular basis makes reporting over time much more effective, plus it’s equally easy no matter how large your estate.

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Easy to implement

Our in-house team provides full support to ensure a smooth rollout. The fact that Xporter is already used in the majority of UK schools makes the process much easier.

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Xporter Identity

Single sign-on for multi-academy trusts

Xporter Identity (formerly known as Groupcall IDaaS) is our enterprise identity management tool, which connects our Identity-as-a-Service technology to schools’ MIS data.

This gives users in schools the ability to use SSO (Single Sign-On) to access all their school apps with one secure login, improving both efficiency and security. Supported apps include Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom and many leading education apps.

Key benefits of Xporter Identity

Save admin time

Cutting down on unnecessary admin work for schools is the main reason we created Xporter Identity, so that time can be spent supporting learners instead.

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Simplify app access

Staff and students can easily log in to any software without the hassle of managing multiple passwords. Login is supported via a secure password, PIN or even QR code.

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Sync with your MIS

By connecting to the data in your MIS, Xporter Identity allows you to easily manage single sign-on across your entire school network, with support for non-MIS users too.

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