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Keep families updated and engaged, without the tedious admin processes. Send any kind of message you like, and be confident you’re reaching the right people.

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Save time on admin

Create and send emails, SMS messages or app notifications in just a couple of minutes, so you can get back to supporting students.

Maximise engagement

Two-way communication is much easier to manage, with replies shown clearly in a single chronological thread.

Reach the right people

Sync contacts from your MIS automatically and select which contacts to prioritise, so you can send messages with confidence.

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The easy way to manage school communications

Teachers2Parents is packed with time-saving features designed to make life easier and save time for your school staff.

Everything within the app is optimised based on years of feedback from real users, so each step of composing and sending a message feels intuitive, even for new staff who haven’t used it before.


Meet the new version of Teachers2Parents!

We’ve recently refreshed the user interface of Teachers2Parents and added lots of extra time-saving features for schools, based on extensive feedback and testing with our customers. Get a quick intro to Teachers2Parents in this video!

Compatible with all leading UK MIS

What do schools think?

“It is instant and easy to use. Parents engage with the text messaging service better than any other form of communication.”

St Mary’s CofE Primary School

“Such an easy and straightforward method of communication, with the ability to see that the very important message has been delivered.”

Baker’s Lane C.P. School

“It’s a great system which helps to streamline this task so that it’s quicker and a more efficient process.”

Willowbrook Primary School

Drive better engagement with your school community

Teachers2Parents helps schools have a positive impact on students by reducing the admin burden on both sides of the conversation.

Simple features really make a difference, like the intuitive conversation view for handling incoming replies.

This makes it much easier to identify any issues, offer assistance and get admin tasks out of the way, so staff can spend more time actually helping and teaching students.

What can you do with T2P?

Send SMS and app notifications

Create and send emails in bulk

Plan and host Parents’ Evenings

Collect data with digital forms

See detailed delivery reports

Collect payments with SchoolMoney

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