Boroughbridge Primary School

Website of the Month

Boroughbridge Primary School and Nursery is a thriving school in Yorkshire with a warm family atmosphere and ethos. Their aim is to create a secure, stimulating environment where the needs of each child can be met and where learning is seen as both an enjoyable and a rewarding experience.

We’ve had a chat with Headteacher Emma Ryan to find out about their experience building a school website with Community Brands.

Boroughbridge’s mission to solidify their online identity and image

What were you looking for in a school website?

“We were working with an old website that we feel did not reflect our school’s brand. Parents and visitors to the website found it difficult to find the information they were looking for and this was something we needed to address. We wanted a fresh, new up-to-date website that was easy to navigate.”

How did you find Community Brands, and why did you choose us?
“We actually found Community Brands while looking at Parentapps, our parent communication app. We decided that it would make sense to use the same company to do both our parent app and website.”
What was your initial consultation like and what were your requirements?

“Our main criteria was that the website looked fresh, modern, compliant and easy to navigate. During the initial consultation we discussed our key criteria. We also looked at a number of other websites and discussed what we liked or did not like about each. We had also done our own research and pointed out websites and features that we liked.”

Please describe your involvement in the design process.

“We were involved in the initial design and then given a choice of a couple of designs. Once we had selected our preferred design, the design team designed a prototype. We were able to make minor changes after the prototype to ensure that all parties were happy with the final website design. Once the prototype was finalised, the website was populated by the Community Brand team.”

How have you found the website’s integration with the school app?

“The parents find this very useful as they can access the website from the app. We use the club booking system for our after school and before school club. We are able to move towards a paperless system and parents find it easier to book as they can do it on-the-go on the app.”

How do your families interact with your website and school app?  

“We had a fantastic initial uptake from parents; they were using the attendance, medical and consent forms almost immediately. We had very few parents come into the office to ask for assistance, and I think this is due to the app being very logical and easy to use.”

Please sum up your overall experience with Community Brands.

Overall, it has been a good experience for all school stakeholders. It has definitely strengthened our brand and improved parent communication. We look forward to the upcoming features being added.”

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