Devonshire Primary Academy

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Devonshire Primary Academy is based in Blackpool. The academy’s main goal is to provide a secure, caring and welcoming environment in which everyone has pride in themselves and strives to achieve the highest possible standard of learning, behaviour and attitudes.

We’ve had a chat with Business Lead Emily Jowett to find out about their experience building a school website with Community Brands. 

Devonshire Primary Academy’s search for the perfect design

What were you looking for in a school website?

“The website that the school was using previously had been in place for a number of years and, due to its age, it was neither mobile or device friendly. We wanted a user-friendly website that could be accessed from any device and was aesthetically pleasing, compliant and easy to navigate.”

How did you find Community Brands, and why did you choose us?

“Community Brands was highly recommended to us by a school in a nearby local authority. After browsing a number of school websites hosted by Community Brands and a couple of productive meetings with the Managing Director, we decided to use Community Brands for both our school website and school app.”

What was your initial consultation like and what were your requirements?

“We wanted a website that was aesthetically pleasing, compliant and easy to navigate. We met with and had demonstrations from a number of website providers as part of the process and this helped us to establish priorities for our own website.

Please describe your involvement in the design process.

“Community Brands ensured designated members of staff were involved throughout the entirety of the project, including the design process. We spoke with the design team to ensure the website and app captured our school’s colours, logo and ethos. 


As part of the process, we were shown other school websites and apps and this helped us to narrow down the selection to a couple of favourites. From this, the design team created a prototype and allowed us to make some final tweaks.

How do your families interact with your website and school app?  

“The initial interest and uptake in the school app was really positive, with parents using attendance and consent forms almost immediately. The app has encouraged parental engagement and strengthened effective home-school relations and it remains well used by parents today.”

Please sum up your overall experience with Community Brands.

“Overall, our staff and parents have had a good experience and we would recommend Community Brands to other schools.”

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