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What’s New in the Community Brands World

June 5th 2023

At Community Brands, we are constantly listening to your feedback to know how to improve our services, in order to offer you the best solutions in the market. In the last few months, we have been working hard to achieve some updates, and we’d like to share them with you to make you aware of what’s new and what’s coming! 

Teachers2Parents: FormsPay 

Our new feature FormsPay, which is powered by SchoolMoney, allows for ad-hoc payments to be added onto digital forms. Schools are now able to collect payments and consent at the same time, with just a few clicks. Discover more about FormsPay here and watch the video below to see it in action! 

SchoolMoney: Improved Receipts 

Dinner booking receipts have been updated on SchoolMoney to make the process of managing zero-cost meals, such as packed lunches, more efficient. Parents and guardians will encounter these changes on their dinner booking/payment receipts, and they’ll be able to see the addition of zero cost orders being processed via the shopping basket, as well as a new gentle reminder that dinner arrears should be paid before new dinners are booked and paid for.  

See more about the new SchoolMoney feature on our support article. 

Parentapps: Video calling feature 

You fed back – and we listened! We’ve received many requests for video calls on our systems, and these are now available. We’ve added a new in-app video feature on Parentapps that will facilitate Parents’ Evenings and conferences: it’s very easy to use! Once a video conference is set up, the parent or guardian will receive a link via email to join.  

Groupcall Messenger: Customer survey 

Lately, our Groupcall Messenger team have been focusing on collecting feedback from customers in order to improve our platform. We have run a survey which you may have taken part of, and been analysing your feedback. This will allow for data-driven decision making on our part, and you’ll soon see some UI changes and enhances that will take your Messenger usage to the next level.  

WisePay: New Income Manager 

We have updated Income Manager on WisePay to enhance the user experience when running reports, by relocating functions in more ergonomic locales, adding filters to quicken reporting processes and increasing performance speeds. These new features make the module more accessible and allow you to save even more time when running reports. 

Xporter: Xporter Identity rebrand 

Groupcall IDaaS has been rebranded! With a fresh new logo and a brand new name, Xporter Identity is a new and improved Groupcall IDaaS, with a few UI updates to enhance your user experience. To find out more about Xporter Identity’s benefits and our Apple School Manager integration, read more in our press release. We are still working on developing more features on Xporter Identity and will release them throughout the rest of the year. 

Assembly: Integration with CPOMS 

The safety and security of children and young people are of paramount importance to all of us. It is also a key statutory requirement for schools and trusts, and something that Ofsted pay close attention to during inspections. The automated integration between Assembly Pro and CPOMS will provide easy access to a trust-level view for leaders to identify and intervene earlier. 

Here are some key benefits to our game-changing integration: 

  • Streamlined Data Flow 
  • Enhanced Safeguarding 
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics  
  • Time and Cost Savings 

We believe that this integration will revolutionize how schools approach student welfare, safeguarding, and data management. To find out more information about this integration, check out our full press release.

Community Brands websites: Video tutorials  

We have put together some video tutorials that allow you to take a tour of our school website solutions before your free consultation. Check them out below! 

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